“Thanks to the service provided by Seniors Deliver. Their prompt service and professional manner have been a great addition to our overall sales. Thank you Tony D. and your staff.” Kelly Chen, Golden Taipei

“We have been doing business with Seniors Deliver for 3 years now. They have allowed our business to provide delivery to our customers when we only dreamed of offering it. Seniors Deliver has also helped our business grow tremendously as a lot of customers only want food if it can be delivered. Mr. Tony and his drivers are always kind and prompt, and without them we would not be the business that we are today. We will be doing business with Seniors Deliver until the end of time :)” Chloria Chandler, Bobbee O’s BBQ

“The service provided by Seniors Deliver has done more than increase our total sales bottom line... We have developed a customer base previously unavailable to us and created many new friends and customers since we started our delivery service.” Jorge Morales, Fiesta Maya Cantina & Grill


“What a great service ... Lunch delivered today via Seniors Deliver, LLC Thanks Tony!” Streetside Classics


“I had the pleasure of meeting Tony D. through a delivery to our firm from another company. During that time our firm was experiencing problems with another courier service. One day my manager came to me and mentioned that she wished she knew someone who could refer us to a better courier, and I thought instantly of Tony D ! It has been a pleasure and a delight working with Tony. He comes for the pickup and delivers the order in a timely manner. We are so fortunate to have him working with our team.” Michelle R. Grier, BDO